Poster - Chernobyl Men of Steel
Ostatni Samotnik - angielski plakat
Jestem Tu
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Alan Bucki
Men of Steel
The Last of Chernobyl
I Am Here
End Credits
  • “Alan is a composer who has a superb understanding of what scoring music for film is all about. He is highly creative and exceptionally gifted. Working with him is a pure pleasure"

    Adam Nowak
  • “Having worked with Alan on “The Last Loner” and “The Last People of Chernobyl 3”, the quality of his work and his drive has been nothing short of outstanding. Even though we often worked remotely, communication and deadlines were never an issue. Alan was able to perfectly encapsulate the mood and atmosphere we were searching for.”

     Amadeusz Kocan
    Director in xBestCinema
  • I would describe the experience of working with Alan as being a pure pleasure and one of total professionalism! Alan composed the music for the trailer for the show that I co-created. The results exceeded our expectations! Alan sent us his first idea very quickly and it was exactly what we wanted! Right away! No corrections or further tips from us were needed. This shows how talented Alan is and how responsible he is at work. Thank you!

    Monika Nowogrodzka
  • Alan has composed the music to my movie "Jeet Kune Do" - soundtrack awesomely reflects the mood and vibes of the picture. The composer is creative and communication with him is effective and undoubtedly hassle-free.

    Dariusz Waluś