Alan Bucki, is an award-winning Polish composer, music producer, song-writer and singer. Born in Poland into a family of classical musicians, Alan had from a young age been fascinated by the world of music.

A graduate of the National Music School, and an accomplished violin player in his own right, Alan at the age of 15 journeyed into the world of popular music and with a group of close friends founded the band „Kadencja”.

In 2004, the group released its first single, composed by Alan, and success followed soon after. Kadencja rapidly rose to national fame, touring with many famous Polish musicians and selling out over 60 concerts. In the subsequent years, Alan focused on his solo career. Thanks to the experience gained in „Kadencja” Alan also developed his skills as a music producer and as a vocalist collaborating with many artist from the Polish music scene, his hit song with top Polish rapper Liber ‘Tak miało być’ has to date accumulated nearly 20 million YouTube views. Other collaborations found their way onto more than 20 different CDs produced by popular Polish labels such as „My Music” and „JPlanet Entertainment”.

Alan’s music videos have featured on numerous Polish music television stations, including MTV, Viva and VH1. Despite his success in pop, however, Alan’s true passion, perhaps resultant from his classical upbringings, always lay in the world of composing for film and television. Alan began scoring his first piece at the age of 14 and thanks to the success of his pop music career was able to create his own recording studio to further develop his body of work. It is there that he composed the soundtrack for the Australian science fiction film project „Empire”, pieces from which were featured on the Discovery Channel.

Today, Alan composes for a variety of screen media ranging from documentaries, to television series, short film and commercials, including scoring well-known shows on the Polish music channel VIVA Polska. For many years Alan has also collaborated with Polish marketing agencies producing music for radio and internet advertisements.