Alan Bucki



Alan Bucki is a multi-award-winning composer, music producer and singer.

Born in Poland into a family of talented musicians, Alan was from a young age fascinated with the world of music. His youth was spent mastering the violin, voice, piano and percussion. After graduating music school, his experience and repertoire of skills only continued to grow.

Alan quickly became known not only as a talented music producer, but also as a recording artist in his own right, collaborating and touring with numerous famous Polish musicians. He contributed to songs on over twenty albums with major Polish record labels. Alan starred in several music videos that received extensive airplay on music television channels, accumulated tens of millions of views online, and which were synced in a variety of television productions.

Alan’s first film compositions were created when he was just fourteen years old. With money earned from touring he subsequently set up his own record studio. Today, he composes music for documentaries, feature films as well as short films in a wide variety of genres and his works have won numerous awards at international film festivals. Alan also composed for the VIVA Polska music television channel and regularly composes music for television commercials, radio spots and internet sites in collaboration with major marketing agencies. Alan is the composer of the score to Knights of Atlantis, elements of which have featured on the Discovery Channel.